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Stepping into the unknown

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Welcome to my new website. It heralds a new time for me – a very exciting one. I’d love you to accompany me along my path.

My mission

My mission is to persuade young parents how important it is to learn to cook from scratch, and to show them how to do it.

I believe that cooking from scratch is cooking with love.

It is important to know what goes into various foods so that you can be more aware of the hidden dangers in ready cooked meals. You only have to cook a cake once from scratch to realise just how much sugar goes into them! The cake recipes on this site are all either reduced sugar or sweetened with date, honey or the like.

Here you will also find recipes with low salt and fat content. Once you’ve started cooking from scratch you’ll find ready cooked meals are not nearly as tasty.

Republishing my book

Now with the help of this fresh new website I can work even more intensely to show as many people as I can how to use my book and supporting material.

There is so much potential for discussion about many diverse topics from bullying to diabetes. Links can be made to most areas of the curriculum. My learning resources will give parents and teachers guidelines with plenty of ideas, each chapter having its own specific topic.

I’m currently searching for a publisher so I can republish my book with colourful illustrations, learning resources to go with it, and recipes to support my message.

Beware self-sabotage

I promised myself that when I’d finished making the cloth doll characters for my book I would republish with the dolls as the illustrations.

As I am someone who always keeps her promises, even to myself, I found I was finding excuses not to do any sewing because I knew that if I finished the dolls I would have to take action, and the prospect petrified me.

Then I read something on Life Coach Julie’s Facebook asking ‘Are you self-sabotaging?’ The answer was a resounding YES. So I contacted her and I haven’t looked back!

She has developed this amazing new site for me and made the whole process feel seamless.

So here I am – ready to set off into the unknown.

It would be great if you signed up to follow my blog and travelled with me

You never know - we might even find the end of the rainbow!


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