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Granny G-Nome

Who is TG?

Granny G-Nome

Granny G-Nome is the little old lady TG sees in the bark of the oak tree outside his bedroom window, she represents the human genome - as old as the hills and very wise.


Granny -G as she is affectionately called is as fit as a fiddle and full of fun.


She is the link between our world and the world beyond the rainbow - that of The Crystal Lady and the Rainbow Warriors. 

This is the world where the health of humanity is watched over, especially nutritional needs. Early man didn't have access to all the different foods we eat today, which contain additives and preservatives etc. Many of these lead to illness and disease.


Granny G takes TG on an adventure to teach him about why healthy eating is so important to our health and wellbeing, and how to prepare tasty, healthy food.


Then he is sent back over the rainbow to spread the word to other children

Granny G's Favourite Recipe

Chocolate Orange Trifle

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