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TG the Phyto Powered Kid

TG Terry Grant

Who is TG?

Today TG (Terry Grant) is sixteen years old, when he leaves school he wants to be a chef – specialising in fruit and vegetables. He thinks they are absolutely great. He loves to experiment with different recipes and cook with as many natural whole foods as he can. He encourages his friends to make healthier choices both in their food and in their leisure time. He often cooks for them and has started a cookery club at school where they can try out his ideas.


His ambition is to be on the TV like the ‘naked chef’ so he can inspire other young people to eat more healthily.


You see until he was ten he didn’t eat fruit or vegetables.  He said he didn’t like them even if he hadn’t tried them. His mum used to get really fed up with him. He was always having odd days off school with colds and viruses, partly because of poor eating habits and partly due to lack of exercise. In his spare time he used to sit either in front of the TV or his computer.   He got teased at school and never got picked for the sports teams.


What he and his mum didn't realise was that he was affected by all the fizzy drinks he drank - they made him agitated and short-tempered. This didn't help with his school work at all!

He was always getting into trouble for losing his temper and doing silly things. It made life at school almost unbearable.


However, one day when he was nine the strangest thing happened to him and it changed his life. He was taken on an adventure that taught him the importance of healthy eating and just as importantly to have confidence in himself and stand up to bullies.

TG's Favourite Recipe

Rainbow Pizza- 

he designed it all by  himself!

TG's Phyto Powered Rapid Rainbow Pizza -
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