Chapter Resources

TG and the Rainbow Warriors can be read at two levels


  1. An exciting fantasy story with heroes and villains, cliff hangers and fun. 




more importantly


  2.  As a way of introducing healthy eating, building strong self-esteem and a safe way to discuss the difficult topic of bullying.


The book is divided into ten short chapters of approximately 20 minutes if read aloud.


Each chapter has a main theme that can lead onto discussion, and also lends itself to being incorporated into various other curriculum areas.


It is my hope that as teachers use some of the ideas I put forward here they will come up with many others and share them with each other via my website. 

Join TG and the Rainbow Warriors

for some fun and education

Watch your children discover that healthy eating can be fun and that on the surface the book 'TG and the Rainbow Warriors' is an exciting fantasy tale, complete with heroes, villains, adventure, twists and turns and cliff hangers.
The book club gives ideas for you to discuss with your children during and after reading the story. 

Each chapter will have it's own resource page with a theme, topics to discuss and activity suggestions

Example themes:

Chapter one - bullying

Chapter two - exercise

Chapter three- making good choices


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