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Chapter 8

Captain Retlas


Hidden salt

in food

Davy is really kind and helpful to TG. He even has a children's menu - so that has to be good doesn't it? 
Salt is in so many foods and many people have become accustomed to the taste and don't like food containing a healthy amount. This makes it very difficult for food manufacturers because people don't want to buy lower salt foods - they think they are tasteless.
We need to help children get used to low salt foods.

Some facts about salt

We need salt. It balances the fluids in our blood and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.  Nerve and muscle function also depend on it. So too little salt is dangerous. But these days, in this country we are not in danger of getting too little salt.


Too much salt is a different matter, it increases the risk of stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. It is added to many, many different foods including sweet ones. Excess salt in your system increases the fluid in your body thus putting a burden on your heart.


Adults should consume no more than 6g a day - about one teaspoon. That sounds a lot - but try looking at the ingredients in ALL the foods you eat in a day - you may be surprised. 

Table salt is  sodium chloride (NaCl). Made when the elements sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) chemically combine. It is the sodium part of salt that has the affect on blood pressure. 


Sodium (Na) is found naturally in food - especially in processed food. Salt (NaCl) is what we add to food.






So monitor your salt intake and BEWARE adults should only consume 2.4g of sodium a day which equates to 6g of salt. Read the labels on food.



As you can see children should have much less salt than adults.  This is because they have much less blood in their bodies than we do and their kidneys are tiny and immature. 


Commercially made baby food is usually free from added salt.


So if you want to give your baby the same food as you make sure you don’t add salt. 


The same applies when they are weaned. And once again cooking from scratch for your family is the best - but  keep salt levels down.

"Well me lad, that's enough for now. I expect you'd like to get on with the treasure hunt."

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