Chapter 10

Just Desserts

Enjoying Healthy





TG at last understands the value of Phyto Power and eating healthily.


He actually enjoys eating the fruit and vegetables from the basket. 


Everyone, including the baddies (who have been converted to Phyto Power) find the food at the banquet delicious – even though it is all healthy!


So - ask your children – are they

Phyto Powered Kids?



It is important that children understand what a healthy diet comprises of ……….. but choosing to eat one comes later.


Just because they know what healthy food is, doesn’t mean they like it.


  • Children should be encouraged to try different foods, not forced to eat them.


  • If a child doesn’t like a food the first time they try it, don’t give up. Just put a little on their plate each time it is on the family menu. Don’t make a fuss if they leave it.


  • Eating as a family as much as possible is crucial in helping children try new foods. If the regularly see their parents and other members of the family experiencing new flavours the more likely they are to follow suit.


  • Including children in food preparation is also a great way of getting them to try new things. 



  • Take children to the supermarket/greengrocers and get them to pick out a fruit or vegetable they haven’t tried. Then cut it up at home and have a family tasting session.


  • Another version of the above is to get different varieties of a fruit e.g Cox’s, Pink Lady, Granny Smith’s. Which one do they like best? Can they tell the difference blind folded?


I am a staunch believer in cooking from scratch. It is the only way to be sure of what is in your food – how much sugar, salt fat and obviously no additives.


The other helpful thing about it is, once you’ve cooked a cake or made pastry, you know exactly how much sugar and fat are in these items. This may help you think twice before buying commercially made versions.


If you don’t feel comfortable cooking from scratch then the recipe section of this website can help you. There are loads of scrummy, healthy recipes to try. They have step by step instructions and pictures of each stage.


Click here to go to recipes.



Hopefully you and your family will become fully

Phyto Powered!

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D22B52FC-FF3C-4CF8-9BCB-5ECD6611C0D9 2.P

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"Watch out world - here comes the Phyto Powered Kid!"