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Chapter 5


The Fast Food Fiend


Fast Foods



This chapter focuses on fast foods and how many of them are often heavy on fat content and not always very nutritious.


The idea is that discussion is sparked about how fast-food outlets lure people in – especially children - with very clever advertising, gimmicks and free gifts.


This can lead onto talking about fats and how they affect our bodies, which ones are good for us and those that can lead to bad health.

The intention is not to try and stop children from ever having fast-food, just to raise their awareness and encourage them not to indulge in these foods too often.


It is important also they understand the difference between the various kinds of fats and how they affect the body.

This can create a safe environment in which to discuss what being over weight is and what the term obese means.

The Fast Food Fiend is dangerously over weight (he is obese), so much so that he is in danger of heart problems, having a stroke, developing diabetes and other health complications. 

I think it is important that we do not encourage children to call people fat, but to use the term over weight. They need to understand that some people are more likely to put on weight due/because of medication or a condition that doesn't allow them to exercise very much. 

Others are more prone to put weight on than others because of their genetic makeup. Such people need to be more vigilant about what they eat than those who are lucky enough to have been born with the skinny gene.

Children should be encouraged to be honest with themselves about what they eat - so many adults delude themselves.


Not all fats are bad for you. Some are essential for the efficient working of your body. They help keep our cells nice and pliable so nutrients can pass in and out from the blood easily. The right fats can help your skin look and feel better. The omega three oils found in oily fish and linseeds are especially helpful in the brain, and also help to keep cholesterol down.


You find these helpful fats in fish - especially oily fish, nuts and seeds and their oils and wholegrains.

For more information on the different fats.               Or go to the blog section Nutrition

"I'll teach him to take my free meals and then complain!"

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