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The Crystal Lady


The Crystal Lady represents the white light we get from the sun, the light that helps plants to grow - PHYTO POWER!
White light splits when it passes through a prism or a water droplet, becoming a rainbow.

The different colours of the rainbow help  give fruit and vegetables their beautiful colours - PHYTO POWER!

The Crystal Lady has quiet inner strength combined with compassion and understanding of other's needs.

She believes that dishonesty and bullying have no place in the world and wants to help all children have the self confidence to stand up to bullies.

Her greatest wish is for  everyone to be as fit and healthy as they can be, and that means understanding the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet - full of colourful fresh fruit and vegetables - PHYTO POWER!

To help her in her mission to bring the PHYTO POWER message to the children of the world she has her old friend Granny G-Nome and her trusty Rainbow Warriors. 

In the book TG and the Rainbow Warriors, the Crystal Lady is fading away. This is because many children don't like fruit and vegetables, they eat unhealthily and make themselves unwell. 

She sends Granny G-Nome to fetch TG, a boy who hates fruit and vegetables, to save her.  

He must go with Granny G over the rainbow to meet the Rainbow Warriors and learn the secret of the Golden Cauldron and take the message of healthy eating back to the children of the world. 




The Crystal Lady's Favourite Recipe

Rainbow Mediterranean Bake

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