Hidden Treasure?


Chapter 7


Making Good Choices

Chapter 7 finds TG distraught because he thinks he has failed in his mission. He realises he has made some silly choices and the Crystal Lady has all but faded away. He feels a failure and wants to give up.


The Rainbow Warriors rally round him and help him to


  • calmly recognise and acknowledge the mistakes he has made.

  • assess what he has learned up until now

  • not feel a failure just because he hasn’t succeeded so far

  • be determined to carry on, acting on what he has learned

  • believe in himself and what he knows to be right

  • not to allow himself to be manipulated into doing things he really doesn’t want to do

  • talk things through with someone he respects


They explain to him that if he acts on this when he has to make choices in the future, they are more likely to be the right choices.


This chapter also offers the opportunity to recap on some of the issues covered in previous chapters.



  • Bullying and manipulation

  • Sugars

  • Constipation

  • Fats and fast foods

  • Fizzy drinks and additives

  • Phyto Power

"I'll let you into another little secret," continued Sunray. "Fruit and vegetables contain fibre, which is something that helps keep your insides nice and clean.Lots of people feel tired most of the time because they don't get rid of all their unnecessary waste."

Sunray helping TG.jpeg