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Chapter 9

Watch Out TG!


Standing Up for



 TG has been tricked. He thought Davy was helping him but he turned out to be Captain Retlas.


He has really failed this time, the Crystal Lady has faded away and the ‘baddies’ have taken over her castle.


But he doesn’t give up. He makes a last attempt at grabbing success from failure.


He stands up to the baddies and tells them they are wrong and why. Then calls on Phyto Power and tells everyone about what he has learned on his journey – the Crystal lady returns -the day is saved.


Ideas for discussion and activities


  • Stand up for what you know is right for you

  • Keep on trying, if the first way of doing something doesn’t work, try another

  • Think through things for yourself don’t always rely on what you hear from others

  • Cooking from scratch is the best way to know what actually goes into what you are eating

  • Read the ingredients labels on food you buy from the supermarket

  • Learn how to understand these labels

  • Collect food labels and learn what some of the more common additives are and what they are for


"Yes, I'm back. Phyto Power has won. TG has saved the day!"

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