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About Jayne


Hi! I'm Jayne

About Me

Love of cooking runs in my genes.


Both my grandmother and mother were great cooks and passed their enthusiasm on to me. Looking back I realise that many of the conversations we had when we were all together were discussing how flavours blend, cooking techniques and swapping recipes.  Tasty, nutritious food has been a cornerstone of my life, and cooking from scratch is the norm. Both my daughters are carrying on this tradition and I hope my grandchildren will continue it.


Do you have memories of a favourite childhood meal that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling? Would you like your children to have fond memories of your cooking? It’s never too late to start.

Early experiences 


I began learning as a toddler ‘helping’ mummy in the kitchen and honed my skills at twenty when I was given the complete set of Cordon Bleu Cookery Course magazines. I read diligently through the enormous pile, making my wedding list up from it. Then when my mother went away for a week, I used my father as a guinea pig and he ate like a king. He ‘dined out’ on the story for years - as I used every pan and dish in the kitchen – and he had to wash up! 


Linking nutrition with learning

After getting married I taught for two and a half decades, first in the primary sector and then science in the secondary. Eventually, I joined BEST – a specialist behavioural and emotional support team. We supported children with problems in school as well as their teachers and parents. Many of these children had learning difficulties, and I had extensive experience with ‘difficult’ children. It was during this time I gained professional qualifications in counselling and dyslexia.


While trying to find ways to help individual children I became interested in how colourings and additives in food and drink can affect children’s moods and behaviour. I began to liaise with a charity called The Hyper Active Children’s Support Group (HACSG). 

After training as a Nutrition Consultant I undertook further research into childhood nutrition and continued to liaise with HACSG.

Living with food allergy or intolerance

In addition to my love of cooking and interest in nutrition I have a special affinity with those who have a food allergy or intolerance – my allergy is to cow’s milk and I was recently diagnosed with a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease. Tweaking my diet definitely helped my symptoms and if I unconsciously slip back my body certainly lets me know!!

So I have enormous empathy with those of you that have to cope day to day with feeding yourself or a family member with food an allergy/intolerance as well as keeping the rest of the family happy. Not to mention the often exasperating task of trying to eat out!

Consequently, you will find that many of my recipes either are or have a gluten/dairy free option. 


Do you or any of your family suffer from a food allergy or intolerances?  If so, many of my recipes will be of interest to you. 

And finally the book!

My learning and experiences have been distilled into the creation of The Secret of the Golden Cauldron and this site.


Take a look at some of the recipes. I know you will be surprised at how quick and easy it is to cook from scratch. Use the Rainbow Warriors to enthuse your children about healthy eating – many are already running around chanting Phyto Power! Phyto Power! Put some on your plate!

It would be great to hear from you if you’ve enjoyed a recipe.

After all, LOVE is the tastiest spice you can put into your food!

Enjoy :)


PS The Warriors would love to hear from your kids!


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