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Chapter 3

Discovering Phyto Power


Phyto Power

In Chapter 3 TG meets the Rainbow Warriors and the Crystal Lady. 

He finds the Golden Cauldron and discovers its secret - fruit and vegetables. He is not impressed!

He is told all about Phyto Power and how good it is for you. Then he learns what his mission is.

What is Phyto Power?

• Phyto power is plant power

• plants get their energy to grow from the sun

• the sun sends us white light

• plants need sunlight to grow

• white light is made up from the seven colours of        the RAINBOW.


Fruit and vegetables

are plants

• The colours in them are from special chemicals      called phyto chemicals

• Each one has its own special power to help keep    us fit and healthy


"I am the Crystal Lady. Welcome to my world,TG"

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