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Help! My Toddler is Not Eating by Dr Elizabeth Roberts - Book Review

I received a copy of this book to review with a view to recommending it on my website - and I have.

Every expectant mother AND father should read Help! My Toddler Is Not Eating before you have your baby. Then you’ll be aware of the signs of fussy eating and nip it in the bud if and when it happens. It’s far better to be armed with strategies than get caught out when you are having to deal with a fractious toddler.

The book is reassuring throughout and gives reasons as to why toddlers go through these phases.

Elizabeth sets out an easy to follow 30 day plan for parents to follow, with step by step guidance and explanations.

She also gently points out that sometimes inadvertently we can make matters worse, for instance by allowing our child to see that we don’t like a particular food.

I found all the background information really interesting - like the science of disgust and learned aversion - you’ll have to read it to find out!

And did you know there are super tasters? Are you one? There’s an easy little experiment you can do at home to find out .........


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