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Go on .....Have a pea!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Peas are a very under rated vegetable.

They are an invaluable tool to help build the immune system; especially pertinent at the moment when we all want to be as fit and healthy as possible to fight the dreaded covid-19.

These tiny bundles of energy are brimming with everything needed to support the growth of the pea plant until it can make its own food from the sun’s light energy. In addition they contain a great number of vitamins and minerals plus folate and fibre.

This is all passed on to us when we eat them.

Peas have a higher percentage of protein than other vegetables and so make you feel fuller for longer.

They are very easy to grow from seed, and once you have harvested your crop you can pop some of the peas in compost in a pot and place on a window ledge and pick the shoots to garnish or use as a salad vegetable.

Pea shoots are also very nutritious and leaves have a pretty frilly curl to them.

Last but not least most children will eat peas – so go on –



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