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Tuna and Sweetcorn Pancake

Serves 2   Makes 4 thick savoury pancakes




Pancake batter

150g flour (wheat, spelt or gluten free)

pinch salt

1 large egg

240ml milk (cow, goat, soya, almond – or any of your choice)

Black pepper

2 tbs melted butter, or dairy free spread or coconut oil



I small tin sweetcorn

1 small tin tuna in spring water

250ml white sauce

Half a chicken stock cube


Grease proof paper or baking parchment




Put the oven on low – to keep the pancakes warm after you’ve cooked them. Place a large plate in the oven to warm up. Plus serving plates.

  1. Make the white sauce using one of the recipes on this site

  2. Crumble the chicken stock cube into it and stir

  3. Open the tin of sweetcorn and drain in a sieve

  4. Open the tin of tuna and drain

  5. Add the sweet corn and tuna to the white sauce and leave the pan to one side

  6. Sift the flour into a litre mixing bowl, stir in the salt and make a well in the          

  7. flour .

  8. Break the egg into the well in the flour

  9. Using a fork or a whisk, mix the egg into the flour with about a quarter of the milk, until reasonably smooth

  10. Add the rest of the milk a little at a time, stirring continuously until you have a smooth batter. Add pepper to your taste.

  11. Heat up a small frying pan on the hob on a high heat, melt enough butter or spread to melt and thinly cover the bottom of the pan

  12. Pour a ladle full of batter into the pan (about a ¼ of the mixture) and tilt the pan until the mixture has covered the bottom of the pan.

  13. Keep it over the high heat until the mixture starts to bubble – slide a knife gently round the edge of the pancake to release it, then shake it loose from the bottom

  14. Gently lift the pancake at one edge and look to see if it is browning on the bottom – by this time the mixture should be firm on the top.

  15. Shake the pan to slide the pancake about a bit – if it doesn’t move lift it with a long handled slice and flip it over in the pan – or toss it if you are feeling brave! 

  16. Keep shaking the pan and checking to see if the pancake is browning on the other side.

  17. Flip or toss it over and brown a bit more on the first side if it needs it, and again on the other side until they are the colour you like.

  18. Remove the pan from the heat, slide the pancake onto your warmed plate, cover with a square of greaseproof paper and another plate upside down and return to the oven to keep warm. The upside down plate keeps moisture in and stops the paper flying around the oven!

  19. Repeat from 9-16 another 3 times. Layer the pancakes with greaseproof paper on the warmed plate with the plate on the top.

  20. Reheat the white sauce, tuna and sweet corn mixture.Take the pancakes out of the oven spread a quarter of the mixture onto one side of each pancake and fold over the other side.

  21. Serve two pancakes per person with a side salad. It’s particularly scrummy with grapes in the salad.


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