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Macaroni Cheese (low fat, high flavour)

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Two servings



1/2 pint white sauce made with sauce flour - see recipe below

150g macaroni  - cooked 

2 1/2 oz grated cheese

2 tomatoes sliced or 8 cherry tomatoes halved

1tbs mixed fresh chopped parsley and basil leaves



  1. Heat the grill to high

  2. Mix the cooked macaroni into the white sauce

  3. Put into an oven proof dish

  4. Sprinkle the cheese over the top

  5. Decorate with tomatoes

  6. Place under grill until golden brown

  7. Remove from grill and sprinkle the chopped herbs on the top.

White sauce recipe

150ml milk of your choice

150ml chicken or vegetable stock

2tbs sauce flour - Carrs make one as do most supermarkets

Freshly ground pepper




  1. Place the milk, stock and the sauce flour into a pan over a medium heat 

  2. Bring everything to the boil. stirring continuously

  3. Season to taste with pepper

  4. Simmer for a further 3 minutes


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