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Lavender and Citrus Biscuits

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Makes about 30 - 5 cm biscuits




225g self raising flour (I used gluten free)

150 fat (you can use coconut oil, dairy free spread, spreadable butter etc)

75g coconut sugar (or caster sugar)

2tbs lavender flowers

Grated zest of a small lemon and a small lime (or one large lemon)

1 beaten egg to mix



  1. Place flour, fat, sugar and grated zest into a mixer

  2. Whizz until mix looks like tiny bread crumbs

  3. Add lavender and beaten egg

  4. Whizz until it is a sticky dough – you may have to finish mixing in the egg by hand

  5. Knead gently until smooth

  6. Wrap in baking foil and put in the fridge for half an hour

  7. Roll out on a floured board until about ¼ cm thick

  8. Cut into thirty 2 cm rounds

  9. Bake at 160 fan oven, 180 electric or Gas 4 for about 15 mins or until pale gold

  10. Leave to cool for 2-3 minutes then cool on a wire rack

  11. Store in an airtight container or they can be frozen


Enjoy with a refreshing cup of Jasmine tea


Sandwich together with yoghurt and raspberries


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