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Chocolate and Mandarin Trifle (Low fat and sugar)

Recipe for Chocolate and Mandarin Trifle (low fat and sugar)




One fatless low sugar chocolate sponge (recipe on this site)

Large tin mandarins drained of juice you can use fresh if you have them

1 pint home made chocolate custard (recipe to follow)

1/4 pt double goat's cream - or cream of your choice

1/4 pt sheep yoghurt or low fat yoghurt

2 fresh mandarins and a bit of dark chocolate to decorate



  1. Break up the choc sponge and arrange in a trifle bowl

  2. Mix in the drained mandarins - leave to soak into sponge while you make the custard

  3. Make the custard and leave to cool - luke warm pour over the sponge and mandarins

  4. Leave to cool in fridge 

  5. When set whip up the cream and mix it with the yoghurt

  6. Spread on top of the trifle mixture

  7. Decorate with fresh mandarins and choc bits.


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