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Jayne Avery

Nutrition Consultant  Teacher

 Children's Author



Love is the


spice of


The Secret of the

Golden Cauldron

A thrilling, illustrated adventure story – an invaluable tool for parents and teachers stimulating discussion about self-esteem, confidence, bullying, healthy eating, making good choices and more.

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 Black and white illustrations  

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Colour illustrations


Kindle version


Kindle version


The Secret of the Golden Cauldron

The Secret of the Golden Cauldron meets a long standing  need for a fun resource for teachers and parents to help children learn about healthy eating and by extension strengthen their self-esteem and wellbeing.


This book is packed with ideas and suggestions on how to stand up for yourself and make wise choices. Woven into the story are many nutritional facts and issues for discussion such as obesity, dental health and diabetes. 


Jayne has drawn widely on teaching experience in both the primary and secondary sectors.


After teaching science Jayne specialised in helping children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, drawing on professional skills in counselling and dyslexia. 


Moving on from teaching she retrained as a nutrition consultant; and whilst practising undertook post graduate research into childhood nutrition. 

Why did I write the book?

Teaching children to understand the importance of a healthy diet and helping them build strong self esteem can be difficult. I've always believed learning should be fun. So The Secret of the Golden Cauldron has been written as a fun fantasy tale exploring some serious and important wellbeing topics - with adventures and giggles along the way.


Meet characters from

"TG and the Secret of the

Golden Cauldron"


It's such a pity our bodies aren't made of glass -

then we could see all the damage we do to them

when we choose to eat unhealthily.



Tried and tested by my family (and others)

Less sugar and salt. Includes dairy free and gluten free recipes


The story behind the story and thoughts on various PSHE subjects. Insights into healthy eating and why you should embrace it.  With realistic suggestions on how to incorporate it into your busy life and convince your children it’s a good idea too!

Golden Cauldron Book Club

Meet the characters in

The Secret of the Golden Cauldron, and learn more about them. Find family discussion points and teaching resources 

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Use The Secret of the Golden Cauldron to inspire your children to enjoy eating healthily. 

Tempt them with my tasty, easy to follow family recipes.

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