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Nutrition Made Simple

It's such a pity our bodies aren't made of glass -

then we could see all the damage we do to them

when we choose to eat unhealthily.

To persuade our children to make permanent changes to their lifestyles we need to give them good reason so, here you can:

Many of the most common diseases in the West can be linked linked to poor nutrition, these include heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma, eczema and obesity.

The National Heart Foundationsuggests that children should eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. Some don't eat this in a week!

The Cancer Research Campaign would like parents to steer their children towards a healthier lifestyle because at least three out of four cancers are probably preventable.

Most children and adults know what a ‘healthy diet’is, but get distracted by all the unhealthy options so freely available.

Most of these consist of sweet and fatty foods that contain little or no nutrients.

To find out the simple facts about the individual types of foods that make up our diets click on the underlined words below:


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